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General guidelines for parents

1. See that your child reaches school on time.
2. See that your child is neatly dressed as per the rules of the school.
3. See that whenever you refer to the school or the teacher, you show regard. This will create in the child's mind an attachment for the school and the teacher.
4. Observe very scrupulously all the rules regarding discipline, self help, cleanliness and the school routine.
5. Do not disturb the teachers during class hours. For any information contact through the office.
6. Parents are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address.
7. Any kind of damage done in the school premises is to be made good by the pupil concerned.
8. No business will be transacted on holidays or outside office hours.
9. School attendance should be considered a routine matter. It is very necessary to maintain punctuality. A note of excuse from the parents to the Headmistress should be produced in case of the child's absence from school for which leave record page is provided.
10. There will be an informal assessment of the child's performance every month and report will be submitted to the parent/guardian for signature.
11. School uniform should be worn everyday. (Peach colour shirt/blouse and black shorts/skirts, black shoes and peach socks supplied by the school.)
12. Parents are expected to co-operate fully with the school management to maintain the good standard of the school.
13. Never compare your child with any other child. Continue your care and attention to his or her progress only.
14. Parents/Guardians are expected to attend all the meetings called for, to ascertain about the progress of their ward.

For details contact: The Director, Babyland Children's Education Centre, Nandigudda Road, Mangalore - 1, India. E-mail: babyland123@hotmail.com