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Babyland Children's Centre - A Profile

Babyland as the name suggests, is a school for young children of tender age. Ms. Lily Pereira, a teacher by profession founded Babyland in 1972. She has been a lay pioneer in not only providing nursery education but also in starting holiday camps for children. In 1985, Babyland inaugurated the creativity Summer Holiday Camp and Summer vacation at Babyland is an ongoing activity where children exhibit their innovations in print, paint, song, dance and speech.

Babyland added a feather in its cap in 1994 by starting Preethi Primary School, conducting classes from 1 to 5.Here children get individual attention. Special care, love and guidance specially to autistic children and children with learning disabilities

In 2001, the pioneering spirit of Ms. Lily Pereira made her venture into a nursery teachers’ training centre called Early Childhood Care and Education. Here young women are trained to be ideal mothers, child care directors, nursery teachers, facilitators and animators.

The latest addition, and the need of the time is “ The Merelyn Integrated Education Resource Cell For Children With Special Needs.” such as Autism, Down's syndrome, ADHD(Attention deficit, Hyper-active disorder), Dyslexia, etc. was inaugurated on June 21st 2008

The motto of this institution is HAPPY CHILDHOOD

Children of Babyland, are a happy lot with activities all round the year. Learning, singing, dancing, participating in competitions, quizzes, celebrating national festivals and having sports and games. A unique feature of Babyland is the celebration of a mother’s day, a father’s day and a family day. During these celebrations mothers, fathers and the whole families of Babyland children enjoy the camaraderie.


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