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BABYLAND - PREETHI PRIMARY SCHOOL - Nandigudda Road, Attavar, Mangalore - 575001


      The latest addition, and the need of the time is “ THE MERELYN INTEGRATED EDUCATION RESOURCE CELL FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.” such as Autism, Down's syndrome, ADHD(Attention deficit, Hyper-active disorder), Dyslexia, etc. was inaugurated on June 21st 2008
     STAFF – In order to impart Education, as per the requirement of children,we have Trained teachers, Special educators, Ancillary staff and Volunteers.
    Integration and not Isolation:
    The children with disabilities are required to fit in the school system, its curricula, and pedagogy and assessment process. They are required to `Integrate` into the system, and this has given rise to the integrated education. The sincere efforts towards awareness and sensitivity of educational institutions will make tremendous change in the lives of millions of our children with special needs and their families
     When all about integration was only in black and white, BABYLAND took the bold step in the year 2008 and started integrating children with special needs in the regular classroom setting. This is a real uphill task for the institution but a great sign of relief to the parents and children with special needs.
     Aims and objectives of the Merelyn integrated project:
     To provide services for children with special needs, after being diagnosed the special need, by the Psychologist, planning individual intervention programmes and integrating them into the society
     The unit provides services to children up to 12 years, with-
     • Learning Disabilities
     • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders
     • Autism
     • Mentally challenged ( border line)
     Early intervention is very necessary. We advise parents to admit these children before the age of 5 years

     1. Full Day integrated School Maximum number of 5 children of special needs are admitted in a class of 20
     2 Early intervention and Home Management Programme.
     This is a programme in which families/caretakers are advised how to handle and take care of the children in the areas of Motor Development, Speech, and Education.
     Behaviour Modification:
     Behaviour is given more importance as this can come in the way of academics , play and life skills. Behaviour is modified by using behaviour modification techniques. Play is very natural to all children but for children with special needs play has to be initiated. This is done on one to one basis

Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.    E-mail: babyland123@hotmail.com