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40 Years (Ruby Jubilee) Celebration of Babyland Children's Center

Welcome dance troupe gets ready to welcome the gathering
Dignitaries being welcomed by the Bunnies
A view of the dignitaries
  First compere of the programme
Mrs. Sujatha
  Inaugural Prayer by
Rev. Mnsgr. Denis Moras Prabhu
The singing group in action
Lighting of Diyas
Rev. Mnsgr. Denis Moras Prabhu
Lighting of Diyas
Mr. Ronnie J. Palat
Lighting of Diyas
Rev. Sr. Sylvian A.C.
Lighting of Diyas
Mrs. Lily Pereira
Lighting of Diyas
Dr. Prabha Adhikari
Lighting of Diyas
Mrs. Brenda Fernandes
Welcome dancers (Babyland Ex-students) take position
Welcome dance in action
Welcome dance final formation
A view of the gathering
Children ready for Aerobics Session
Aerobic session in action
Comedy session by Mrs. Meena Malani and party
Birthday celebration by the kids
Action Song (I love colours)
Dance (Coco Jumbo)
Special Children performing the
Nature Dance
Nature Dance continued
Prof. Leena Fernandes reads the Milestones of Babyland
Mrs. Nynette Tellis the compere
Mrs. Dolly D'souza welcomes the dignitaries
Rev. Mnsgr. Denis Moras Prabhu being welcomed with Flowers   Mr. Ronnie Palat being welcomed with Flowers Rev. Sr. Sylvian A.C. being welcomed with Flowers
Dr. Prabha Adhikari being welcomed with Flowers Mrs. Lily Pereira being welcomed with Flowers   Mr. G.J. Rao being welcomed with Flowers Mrs. Nynette Tellis reads the message from the Bishop of Mangalore
The Chief Guest Mr. Ronnie J. Palat speaks
Rev. Sr. Sylvian A.C. Headmistress
St. Mary's English H.P. school speaks
Dr. Prabha Adhikari H.O.D. medicine, K.M.C. Attavar speaks
Dr. Derek Lobo, President Catholic Assn. of South Kanara speaks
Mrs. Lily Pereira, Director Babyland Children's Center speaks
The next compere Mrs. Lynette
Pinto takes over
Platinum birthday Celebration
Dance entertainment by the
An Ex-parent Dr. Lata Pandit
shares fond memories of Babyland
A scene from the kitchen Orchestra
The Kitchen orchestra in action
Mrs. Roshal Coelho the compere
for the Grand Finale
Children dance to the song
Heal the world
Heal the world in action
Heal the world
final formation
Representatives of 14 countries
make their appearance
Representatives of India
People from Japan, England,
Africa, Australia, Mexico
UAE, India, Russia, Srilanka join in
Spain, France, Japan to the fore
There comes a time when we heed
a certain call when the World must
come together as one

We are the World !!!
Three Cheers to Madam Lily Pereira
Hip Hip Horray!!!